Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How to make more money from adsense

Adsense is good enough service to earn money from your blog or website. It is enough easy to install and it has much more choice to do place ads as you like. Here are some tips for placing adsense which can help you to earn better money from adsense.

1. Blend the adsense ads with your template color and style. It helps to merge the ads with your content and look like some helpful links.

2. Use the ads after your each blog post.

3. Use text links at the top below your logo. Text ad in a single line will work best.

4. Use image ads placed parallel to your logo.

5. Make checks for each ad unit and study them. Check which ad unit has highest eCPM. You can check eCPM from the details of check. Try to make efforts towards that ad unit so that it can attract more visitors.

I hope these tips will help you in generating more from adsense.


Mahi said...

Sorry Mate but i don't find Adsense any good these days...

I prefer Blog Advertising when it comes to earn money from my blogs or websites.

Its simple as i have to just write a paid review and get money from my blog.

viky shine said...

Well people are earning through adsense too. Although your way might be more beneficial but i believe, using a free space on your website for displaying some auto generated ads and getting some money out of it, is a good option.