Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things not to do while blogging

You must have learned about a number of things that should be done for making a blog popular. In my last post i also wrote about blog promotion basics.Have you heard about anything that should not be done. Usually bloggers make some common mistakes in their blogs which makes their blog looking more unprofessional and unattractive.
Here are some of the thing which you should avoid while blogging

1.Keep you layout clean. Don't put ads, ads and only ads on it. It makes your blog looking like money eating machine. You should give preference to the accessibility of your blog. Like how easy it is to access your blog and move from post to post?

2.Do not use drop down menus. Use a open list with posts clearly mentioned. A list attracts people to read more and hence increases your visits times.

3.Do not keep things in dark. Make your first post available first or keep an intro of your blog at the top. It makes other people understand what you are offering on your blog. This might stop some not so interested people visiting your blog but this will generate a new and positive interest in your first time visitor. And as you know, unique visits are always important.

4.Do not use large images. Use small or images with good quality of average size. It makes your blog page loading fast and save your visitor from irritated waiting.

5.Do not post without labels. Your labels or tags are your keywords. Just highlight them in your post by making them bold and linking to them. Make a tag or label cloud.

I hope these tips will help you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog promotion basics

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Here goes some most important and basic things for your blog promotion. These should be on your blog or with your blog to make the traffic continuously flowing to your blog.

  1. Keywords: Set your keywords first. Keywords plays a major role in recognition of blog Highlight your keywords by using bold and header tags around them. This makes them looking more important to search engine crawlers.

  2. RSS feeds : Generate RSS feed of your blog and make them available to visitors of your page by adding tool on your blog page. You can use feedburner for this purpose or inbuilt tools of blog. It will automatically generate feeds and make the thing easily available to you. For more details check this post on feedburner.

  3. Keep stats: Add some tool for checking the stats of your blog like daily visitors, geographical visits, bounce rate etc. You can use google analytics which is a too good tool for keeping stats or any other tool like statcounter etc. For adding google analytics in blogger account you can check this post.

  4. Bookmarking : Social bookmarking help you a lot in generateing traffic and getting lot of regular visitors. So add a bookmarking tool on your blog . This is already available on some blog service or you can use addthis tool for this. It is easy to add in your blog. For more help read this post about how to add bookmarking button?

  5. Email subscription : Some of your visitors would like to keep themselves updated with your posts. For them, you can add a email subscription tool or widget on your blog. This you can get by feedblitz and can add it very easily.

  6. Label cloud: Tags or label cloud is much important in showing up what are most highlighted ones in your posts. This attracts visitors to read your more posts. You can add this easily from in built features of blogger. This post can help you to add one on your blog

  7. Post density : The most important things that can make your blog popular is regular posts. Always post at least 2-3 post in a week. This is much important when you have started a new blog. Later you can continue with less posts but in starting it is must.

  8. Post Content: Have you read ever that Content is King. Its is damn right. You have to write but not like anything. Keep things on a track. Don't post out of your blog topic. This will distract your visitors. Always write a good content, you can read here more about how to write good content?

So these are the things which can help you to make your blog more popular. And as you people know, only popularity can bring you money and more money. And next post i will tell you more about promoting your blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Search engine friendly URLs

My friends, this time I will continue with the same things that I started in my last post i.e e Engine Friendly URLs. Last time it was all about difference in static and dynamic URLs. So have a take on something more this time.

So as you people know keywords tells people and search engines about what your web page is? Similarly key phrases tells people what is specifically on your page. So instead of using keywords in your page URL ,use key phrases as more descriptive one. Have you ever checked URLs of blogger posts? Aren't they much more descriptive and informative.

Lets take a example of a website having page for fast link building and the inner page with fast resiprocal link building tips.The URl of page will be like this ,if you are using keyword only

And you use keyphrase than it will be like

So which one is more informative and attractive? Obviously second one. It not only helps better search engine indexing but also let the search engine user know more about your page. But keep the basic rule in mind always, content should be relevant to the things your are writing in your URL.

Tip of the day : Always use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_)in your URL.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Promotion by URLs

As you have already read about keywords in my previous post, this time i am going to discuss about directing keywords through URLs. URLs should be static always. Static here doesn't means that there should come .html or .htm after every page's URL. It simply means that the URL should contain typically understandable format of words.

Usually if your site is using a dynamic code, than the Url for a category of black colour cars having Audi model, will generate like

So its recommended to use url like

Changing dynamic URL's in static ones is easily possible by Url redirecting scripts and server side changes. Your developer can make it easily or you can find out help, on internet easily.

Now the most important things, as you have decided keywords ,you should keep your filenames as your keywords are. It helps the search engine crawlers to keep the track of your page easily and becomes very much useful for indexing. This way simply promotes your website keywords.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

list for online marketing and SEO tasks

Hello my friends, i hope you people are doing well. From some days i was working on the marketing of some website related to a big IT company. As these sites were from a professional company so i had to perform the work in a professional manner like preparing lots of reports for them as present site status reports, site structure reports, scheduled marketing plans etc. As i already did these things also for some other sites, i was enough ready for the task. But i wanted to know more from different sources to get an idea for making a brilliant list for online marketing and SEO tasks. I posted some threads thereafter on different forums, but they didn't worked too much for me. So finally i am posting here a list prepared by me for online marketing and SEO tasks. Make a review of it and let me know if you can add something more in this, and make it a brilliant one. I hope it may help you people somewhat as a checklist or planning list for online marketing and SEO.

Task Sub Task

Onsite Actions
Keyword Research

Competetive Analysis

By various tools
Content search & writing
E-mail ids details
Ftp details
Site structure analysis

Finalisation Process
Keyword finalising
Content finalising
Site structure recommendations
E-mail response system

Site copy finalising
On page optimization

Meta tags adding

Meta content

Anchor text

Title setting


XML sitemap

GA code

SEF urls

Off page optimization

Blog writing/ submission

Article writing / submission

Directory submission

Press release

Link building process



Search engine submission

Social netwroking sites adding

Groups creation

Forums participation

Email lists searching

Email campaigns

Customer's email lists

Groups mailing

White papers

Funnel Setup
Search Engine Campaigns Paid

Monthly evaluation
Adjustment of meta tags
Content Updation
Broken link check
GA recommendations & workouts
Strategy checkup & review

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

how to write good content?

This post is totally dedicated to how to write a good content for your blog or website?
So first thing that affect content is keyword. Even you people might not be aware about keywords but you should know a little bit about them. Keywords are those target words, about which your content is and from that people reach to your blog or website. Like, if you are writing about “make a cheese pizza” than the words “cheese and “pizza” are your keywords.

One thing that you should know is “content is always king”. If you are really writing good content than no one can avoid your blog or website. People will surely like to read you but search engines are not as same. They are machine codes so they always look for something relevant about your topic in your content. So you have to make your keywords looking more important in your content. You have to highlight them not by coloring them, but by making some small changes in their styles like making them bold or using heading tags around them. These shows search engines that your content is totally about the keyword that they are looking for.
One thing that you should keep in mind is not to write too many keywords in your content. It is considered as “keyword stuffing” or in simple words, pushing of non useful things inside. Search engines never takes such a contents seriously which have too many and repeated things written. So write enough but do not push much.
Well that’s for now, in next post I will tell you more about making your content and killer content :) .