Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Promotion by URLs

As you have already read about keywords in my previous post, this time i am going to discuss about directing keywords through URLs. URLs should be static always. Static here doesn't means that there should come .html or .htm after every page's URL. It simply means that the URL should contain typically understandable format of words.

Usually if your site is using a dynamic code, than the Url for a category of black colour cars having Audi model, will generate like



So its recommended to use url like


Changing dynamic URL's in static ones is easily possible by Url redirecting scripts and server side changes. Your developer can make it easily or you can find out help, on internet easily.

Now the most important things, as you have decided keywords ,you should keep your filenames as your keywords are. It helps the search engine crawlers to keep the track of your page easily and becomes very much useful for indexing. This way simply promotes your website keywords.


Helene said...

This is really interesting Vicky. I tried changing my urls on my site for this reason but an error page kept coming up instead. Have I left it to late in my blog to do this? does it mess up the code?
can I ask you to perhaps make your font larger because _ I don't know if it's just me but your font is tiny and I would like to read more of your site :)

viky shine said...

The thing that works in url change is URL rewriting. You need to enable it through server properties.Are you using a php based site or ASP based site? YOu don't need to play with all other code of site for this.

It is some technical problem from blogger that i am facing these days. Font size is getting small sometimes and sometimes it becomes big...I am trying to sort out this. Till then use binoculars :) or just ctrl + mouse roller to expand size of my blog posts...