Sunday, February 1, 2009

Search engine friendly URLs

My friends, this time I will continue with the same things that I started in my last post i.e e Engine Friendly URLs. Last time it was all about difference in static and dynamic URLs. So have a take on something more this time.

So as you people know keywords tells people and search engines about what your web page is? Similarly key phrases tells people what is specifically on your page. So instead of using keywords in your page URL ,use key phrases as more descriptive one. Have you ever checked URLs of blogger posts? Aren't they much more descriptive and informative.

Lets take a example of a website having page for fast link building and the inner page with fast resiprocal link building tips.The URl of page will be like this ,if you are using keyword only

And you use keyphrase than it will be like

So which one is more informative and attractive? Obviously second one. It not only helps better search engine indexing but also let the search engine user know more about your page. But keep the basic rule in mind always, content should be relevant to the things your are writing in your URL.

Tip of the day : Always use hyphens (-) instead of underscores (_)in your URL.

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