Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things not to do while blogging

You must have learned about a number of things that should be done for making a blog popular. In my last post i also wrote about blog promotion basics.Have you heard about anything that should not be done. Usually bloggers make some common mistakes in their blogs which makes their blog looking more unprofessional and unattractive.
Here are some of the thing which you should avoid while blogging

1.Keep you layout clean. Don't put ads, ads and only ads on it. It makes your blog looking like money eating machine. You should give preference to the accessibility of your blog. Like how easy it is to access your blog and move from post to post?

2.Do not use drop down menus. Use a open list with posts clearly mentioned. A list attracts people to read more and hence increases your visits times.

3.Do not keep things in dark. Make your first post available first or keep an intro of your blog at the top. It makes other people understand what you are offering on your blog. This might stop some not so interested people visiting your blog but this will generate a new and positive interest in your first time visitor. And as you know, unique visits are always important.

4.Do not use large images. Use small or images with good quality of average size. It makes your blog page loading fast and save your visitor from irritated waiting.

5.Do not post without labels. Your labels or tags are your keywords. Just highlight them in your post by making them bold and linking to them. Make a tag or label cloud.

I hope these tips will help you.

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Anonymous said...

Nice...ya these are true ...