Wednesday, January 21, 2009

list for online marketing and SEO tasks

Hello my friends, i hope you people are doing well. From some days i was working on the marketing of some website related to a big IT company. As these sites were from a professional company so i had to perform the work in a professional manner like preparing lots of reports for them as present site status reports, site structure reports, scheduled marketing plans etc. As i already did these things also for some other sites, i was enough ready for the task. But i wanted to know more from different sources to get an idea for making a brilliant list for online marketing and SEO tasks. I posted some threads thereafter on different forums, but they didn't worked too much for me. So finally i am posting here a list prepared by me for online marketing and SEO tasks. Make a review of it and let me know if you can add something more in this, and make it a brilliant one. I hope it may help you people somewhat as a checklist or planning list for online marketing and SEO.

Task Sub Task

Onsite Actions
Keyword Research

Competetive Analysis

By various tools
Content search & writing
E-mail ids details
Ftp details
Site structure analysis

Finalisation Process
Keyword finalising
Content finalising
Site structure recommendations
E-mail response system

Site copy finalising
On page optimization

Meta tags adding

Meta content

Anchor text

Title setting


XML sitemap

GA code

SEF urls

Off page optimization

Blog writing/ submission

Article writing / submission

Directory submission

Press release

Link building process



Search engine submission

Social netwroking sites adding

Groups creation

Forums participation

Email lists searching

Email campaigns

Customer's email lists

Groups mailing

White papers

Funnel Setup
Search Engine Campaigns Paid

Monthly evaluation
Adjustment of meta tags
Content Updation
Broken link check
GA recommendations & workouts
Strategy checkup & review

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