Tuesday, January 13, 2009

how to write good content?

This post is totally dedicated to how to write a good content for your blog or website?
So first thing that affect content is keyword. Even you people might not be aware about keywords but you should know a little bit about them. Keywords are those target words, about which your content is and from that people reach to your blog or website. Like, if you are writing about “make a cheese pizza” than the words “cheese and “pizza” are your keywords.

One thing that you should know is “content is always king”. If you are really writing good content than no one can avoid your blog or website. People will surely like to read you but search engines are not as same. They are machine codes so they always look for something relevant about your topic in your content. So you have to make your keywords looking more important in your content. You have to highlight them not by coloring them, but by making some small changes in their styles like making them bold or using heading tags around them. These shows search engines that your content is totally about the keyword that they are looking for.
One thing that you should keep in mind is not to write too many keywords in your content. It is considered as “keyword stuffing” or in simple words, pushing of non useful things inside. Search engines never takes such a contents seriously which have too many and repeated things written. So write enough but do not push much.
Well that’s for now, in next post I will tell you more about making your content and killer content :) .

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