Saturday, November 1, 2008

How to add analytics in blogger

Today a small but very much helping thing. It’s not enough to write content and promote it. One most important thing is to check out how many people are coming on your blog, which pages they are looking most and how many times search engines crawlers coming and so on. These many stats you can get easily at your blogger account. Following are the steps for enabling google stats on your blogger account.

1.      Go to your blogger dashboard and at the bottom click on webmaster tools.

2.      This link will lead you to a page where you will find a link for “add a new site”.

3.      You just need to put your blog URL there and submit it.

4.      From onwards, google will start providing you different stats of your account.


1.      The biggest benefit from stats would be your can check whether your efforts for promoting blog are going in a right way or not.

2.      It makes you keep count of technical issues regarding your blog like PR.

Keeping an account of readers or visitors makes you more directed to earn money from your blog. In further post I will describe how to add analytics in a website.

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