Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to do link marketing or link baiting

To To make popular any blog or website, it’s very important to go for some link popularity efforts. Now you may think, what is link popularity or link baiting. Google always loves those website or blogs, which gets more relevant links from other sites and preferably one way links. So the more will your links on other website, more will be your link popularity. Link baiting is thus the process of getting links on other websites and blogs for your blog or website.
Some of the methods for getting link popularity are:

  • Commenting on blogs
  • SMO
  • Sending Link requests
  • Contributing in Forums

A powerful way to get one-way backlinks is by posting comments on blogs and leaving your link in there. You don't want to spam the blogs though because most owners check on their comments these days. So post something valuable and then post up your anchor text link back to your site. Blogs that are relevant to your niche and website work best always. Same things continues with other methods also.

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