Monday, November 24, 2008

Get more traffic, participate in forums

In my last post I provided some information about link building. Continuing the same topic I am dedicating this post to same “link building”. As I discussed before link building or getting back links from websites plays a major role in getting google PR and good ranking thus obviously more traffic.

A good way to get quality traffic and also better links at pages with good PR and ranks is to participate in forums of your niche. Forums do not allow usually to anyone to post their links. You first need to be their registered user, that is free and then participate actively in them. Some forums have conditions to post your link as your signature or in threads are to stay as their active user for at least 7 days or post at least 50 posts in threads. Signatures are the best ways to keep your links go all over the forum and only active user that follow the guideline can add their signature in end of their posts. Always keep in mind to follow the guide lines of forums and post something useful in it. It’s not the way only to get better link but also provides new idea to write about and more over free of cost tips to get more visitors.

Here I am listing some forums where I participate actively. These forums have good PR and google ranks. These are according to my niche but you can find out forums of your niche by easily putting some search in search engines like seo forums, management forums etc.

Digitalpoint forum – This forum is fastest growing forum in SEO and having good Pr, google and alexa ranks. You have to be a active user for 7 days to be able to add your links in your signature.

V7N forum – This is one of the oldest forums and provides nice and informative stuff. It also has good Pr, google and alexa ranks. You need to post at least 50 post to be able to add your links in your signature.

SEOchat forum – This is a good forum for beginners in online world.

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