Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to do link building

Link building is a important task to make your blog or website popular. It attracts users as well as search engine rankings for your blog or websites gets affected positively by this. Among many ways to increase your blog or website’s links on internet, one popular way is to submit your blog to different directories. I have already provided some lists of blog directories where you can submit your blog just for free.

One important thing to mark here is, how much link building should be done in a day. Submitting hundreds of links a day to directories is quite not a better thing. Search engines takes these as spams. Although some SEO people recommends to place 2-3 links per day, but it’s better to submit 10-20 links per day to directories, as directories never lists you at the time you submits your link. They take some time to list you and hence automatically making your 2-3 links adding itself per day.

In case of forums or blog comments you should take care of not to spam. Always write something relevant to the topic on forums and comment wisely on blogs. I hope these tips will help you in better link building.

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