Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Earn by simplest way BLOG

So, I am going to start with the easiest way for earning money regularly i.e. writing blog. Here goes the step for your bloging.

  1. Register your self with some bloging site. Most of these are free for all. List of some blog websites are as follows…
    1. www.blogger.com
    2. www.blogspot.com
    3. www.blogline.com
    4. www.technorati.com
    5. www.tumblr.com 
    6. www.livejournal.com 
    7. www.typepad.com 
    8. www.wordpress.com
    9. www.mybloglog.com
    10. www.blogcloud.com
    11. www.bloggerspark.com
    12. www.blograma.com
    13. www.blogtoplist.com

You can choose any of these and register there. Registration is very easy like registering for any mail provider website. For blogspot.com you can use your goggle mail account to sign in and that is quite easy to manage.

  1. Now, its time to look on you interests. Choose a topic for writing you blog. Write on things about which you have enough knowledge and very much interested because people like to read the things that are different and provide some extra information. Have you decided your topic??....decided, that’s great.
  2. So now you have your topic than its time to get a good and attractive title for you blog. Titles like “how to”, “what is” and “my first” attracts people. A point for search engines also works here. Your title always works for you like a keyword. Search engines always read them first and for any search by the visitor on search engine, you will get advantage of coming at the top and be visited first. Sp choose wisely.
  3. Start you post in your blog and put your content there.
  4. Try to add more images and videos. Like if you are writing about some place visited by you than put 50 % images and remaining description for that place. People like to watch more than reading on and on.
  5. Put links for other sites also which can provide more information about that topic in the content of your blog. 4-5 links would be enough for one post. This outbound linking helps you in the promotion of your blog. I will explain in detail about “how to promote blogs” in next post.
  6. Bored from all these?? Let’s go for things about money J. So here is the list of websites and services, which pays for displaying their advertisements on your webpage or blog.
    1. Adsense
    2. Adbrite
    3. Adtoll
    4. Bidvertiser

             Adsense is much popular service by Google and you can easily register there or ifyou have a Google mail account; you can sign in there directly. These websites  and services provides different size and type of advertisement boxes that you candisplay. On per click these adds some cents or $ in your account and after you get a minimum amount of money, they sends you your earnings by post. For Adsense this minimum money is 100$. One more thing, you can add 2-3 advertisements per category like text ad and flash ad. 


K B Agarwal said...

great promotional content and right way to earn money. Thanks a lot.

Mahi said...
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