Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Promoting your blog

It is not enough to write a blog and keep waiting for visitors to be there, and increase your traffic. You have to put some efforts to increase your traffic to gain more clicks on your ad and obviously more earning. Just one hour a day and you can bring immense traffic on your blog. Here are the steps for promoting your blog.

  1. Bring some links on your blog from better sites. You can make your keywords or any informative phrase, a link to a website having more information about that topic. This will not divert your traffic but help people to get most information about that topic and increase your goodwill as informative blog and finally bringing you more traffic and more money.
  2. One more linking is from different feed and blog sites. These sites provide you image link on your blog, on clicking which a visitor can easily subscribe your blog. Such websites are technorati, blogline etc. You need to sign up with these and put their links on your blog. This way, visitors already using these bloging sites subscribes directly to your blog. This increases your regular visitors which is a key to continuous traffic.
  3. Keep visiting and commenting other blog. Yes right guess.., one more way to linking J .Commenting increases your linking on blog and also makes other bloggers to visit your blog. Inbound links* helps to increase your PR* and better ranking for your blog.

All these ways I have explained helps in both things, increase your search engine ranking and more traffic. These ways are not only helpful in promotion and marketing of your blog but also for the websites. Better search engine ranking always helps you in getting more visitors than any other way. So keep working for better. 

*PR and Inbound Links – PR in better known as page rank. It is the way of Google to rank pages. This way, it counts the inbound links i.e. links placed on other websites or blog of that website or blog. And hence provide a better PR for them. One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t mean you can put your links on any of the website. Website with better PR and ranks can only help you in getting good PR. PR do not plays a big role but you can feel satisfy to see how Google is  looking on your blog.

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Mahi said...

The second thing i can do is to get enough link exchanges and build a social network with bloggers and get linked to their blogs and websites. Also do participate in free link exchanges to build traffic to your blog.