Friday, October 24, 2008

How to add bookmarking button or addthis button

In my earlier post I have told you about importance of SMO and social bookmarking in it. Social bookmarking tools are available on sites to add in your website or blog. One of the most popular button or tool is provided by addthis. Here are the steps for adding this in your website or blog.

1. 1.First go to and select for the feature of “get your button”.

2. 2.On next page, you can select bookmarking button as according to your requirement. It will ask from you about where you want to put this button, like on blog or website.

3. 3.It will ask for type of button you want, like bookmarking or feed button. You can also select from button of different size.

4. 4.On submitting this form, it will ask to register you. It’s an easy process to b registered.

5. 5.This form submission will leads you to your blog account sign in page, if you have chose blogger, typepad etc.

6. 6.You can “sign in” in your blog account and it will simply add up there.

7. 7.If you want to add bookmark button on your website than a code will be provided to you by add this and you can easily add that in your content.

So these easy steps will add a bookmark button on your blog and make your visitors able to bookmark your website.

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