Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cheap way for regular earnings

You know people are making a lot of money online. Some from the websites and some from blogs, but I am much more concerned about making money by blogging. Some of the things made me interested in making money online by blogging which are not available in websites. Although I am earning from my websites also but blogging is better option for a regular money earning. Well here I am pointing out things which make earn money by blogging much better than from a website.

1. Making a blog is free.

2. No web development cost or coding problems. Blogging sites manages everything themselves.

3. 3. Regular money earning that is not possible easily in websites.

4. 4. More crawled by search engines.

5. 5.You can easily add it to a domain name, if you want to.

6. 6. If you have habit of writing little or more, you can earn.

7. 7. You can make thousands of blog and run them at a time. No need to waste your money in buying domain name or webspace.

8. 8. You can put any information of your choice like videos, images or text, without any page limit or space limit. People love to read and watch.

9. 9. You can promote your blog like website anywhere personally.

1010. Nothing like start from beginning. You can write and your blog starts getting visitors itself. You can easily put any number of tools in it and also number of links.

So keep writing and updating your blog as according to my tips. Just one hour a day and you will get dollars monthly in your account.

Tip of the day: Search out for forums of your choice and participate in them. Add your blog url as your signature at the bottom of your answer or question text, but don’t spam. You will get many interested visitors from there. I will write more about forums and SMO in my next post.

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